Wedding Songs

Wedding Songs: Ceremony & Reception

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The wedding songs you choose say a lot about who you are as a couple. It’s important to remember that you’re not just picking out your favorite songs, you’re helping to create a mood and an atmosphere that both you and your guests will appreciate. And this is what your guests will remember most about the evening. Brides and grooms too often get caught up worrying about the food or the ceremony and neglect to focus on the entertainment. It’s only after the wedding that they realize they should have invested more time and energy into selecting their entertainment. Keep this in mind when you consult with your entertainment professional.

When we sit down with clients we like to develop what we lovingly call their “musical profile.” At first, we take a 10,000 foot view and try to determine what genres of music will work best for your wedding. Keep in mind that there are different feelings you want to evoke during different parts of your wedding. The ceremony may be stately. The cocktail hour may be refined. The dinner hour may be classy. And the reception may be a club style party. These are just examples and your tastes may not be the same, but it illustrates the value of consulting with a trained wedding professional. Breaking things down into manageable bits makes the whole process more fun and enjoyable!

Next we get a little more specific and try to discover some of your favorite artists and songs. This step helps find similar songs and artists (think Pandora) that you like, but may have slipped your mind. It allows us to broaden the scope of songs from which to choose, all while staying true to your tastes.

Then we get even more specific, finding songs that encourage your guest to participate. Almost everyone knows a line dance, a call and response song (think Sweet Caroline or Shout) or a follow along dance (i.e. YMCA, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, etc.) and even though it may not be appropriate for every celebration, it’s usually worth considering. Participation songs can be just the thing to get your shy guests out on the floor and dancing.

Need help choosing your music?

Not much of a dancer? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn and you just needed a little push; something like a wedding. We’ve recommended these DVD and online dance lessons to our clients and they thank us almost every time. It’s not going to make you dance like Jason Derulo, Derek Hough or Beyonce, but it will give you the confidence to get out on the dance floor and string together easy and popular moves in any way you like. You’ll never have to say I don’t dance again.