Groom’s Wedding Planning Guide


The way you go about planning for your big day can set the tone for the rest of your marriage. Make sure you step up to the challenges of planning your wedding. Use our groom’s wedding planning guide so she’ll always remember and appreciate working together to make her dreams come true!


Grooms List (12-Month)

12 Months
-Research tuxedos
-Put ideas into a scrapbook (i.e. magazine clippings, webpages)
-Discuss wedding date ideas (season, month, weekday)

11 Months
-Discuss a ‘mock’ guest list
-Discuss a wedding budget & expenses list

10 Months
-Agree on an official wedding date
-Select best man and ushers

9 Months
-Discuss for your new living arrangements
-Book officiant
Conduct wedding and reception site inspections with fiancee

8 Months
-Refine and finalize the ‘mock’ guest list
-Begin shopping for a tuxedo

7 Months
-Purchase wedding tuxedo
-Select and order mens attire with fiance
-Discuss honeymoon destinations

6 Months
-Begin vaccinations for destination wedding & or honeymoon
-Assist parents with plans for the rehearsal dinner

5 Months
-Get tuxedo tailored
-Get or renew passport
-Have engagement photos takens

4 Months
-Research marriage license requirements and plan time to file the application
-Begin discussing prenups

3 Months
-Purchase wedding rings
-Finalize details with officiant
-Have groomsmen fitted
-Purchase groom accessories
-Purchase wedding rehearsal, and bachelor party outfits
-Choose valet parking services
Choose wedding reception dance songs
-Being a draft for your wedding vows. Research wedding vow ideas

8 Weeks
-Finalize invitation list addresses
-Attend food tasting and wine tasting
-Choose seating cards and places
-Purchase gift for the shower hosts
-Purchase gifts for the best man and ushers
-Purchase wedding shoes. Break them in and bring them to the tailor.
-Finalize honeymoon plans
-Complete any testing needed for marriage license

7 Weeks
-If any changes, update the guest list
-Work on business and legal affair. Add spouse to medical plans and insurance, will, and joint checking accounts
-Obtain marriage license

6 Weeks
-Pick up wedding rings
-Reconfirm that the ushers and best man have been fitted and that the outfits have been ordered.

5 Weeks
-Choose ceremony readings
-Check the ring sizes and have them personalized if desired

4 Weeks
-Go over final honeymoon reservations. Reserve any special outgoings for your honeymoon
-Finalize your vows
-Have bachelor party

3 Weeks
Write toast and speeches for the reception
-Purchase thank you gifts for parents
-Give change of address forms to postal office. Have utilities arranged to be transferred. Help fiance as much as possible.

2 Weeks
-Have final tux fitting
-Confirm hotel room for wedding night
-Change currency if having a destination honeymoon

1 Week
-Pick up tuxedo
-Start packing for honeymoon
-Pack luggage in car
-Prepare tip envelopes for vendors
-Stay up to date on the forecast for wedding day

4/5 Days
-Prepare payment or donations for officiant & checks for vendors
-Write thank you notes for the parents showing your appreciation

2/3 Days
-Check wedding forecast
-Practice vows
-Pack bags and an emergency kit for wedding
-Pick up any rentals
-Check to make sure groomsmen outfits are complete.

Day Before
-Practice vows and speeches
-Confirm flight reservations for honeymoon
-Reconfirm pickup times for limo and transportation for guests
-Give tip envelopes to person distributing them
-Treat wedding party to lunch or have a get together
-Give gifts to groomsmen
-Rehearse ceremony
-Rehearsal dinner
-Get well rested

Wedding Day 
-Get steaming service for wedding attire
-Give brides wedding ring to the best man
-Have the best man bring the marriage license to the ceremony
-Have the best man and maid-of-honor sign the certificate as witnesses
-Enjoy the day
-Have best man/ maid of honor check flight status for honeymoon
-Arrange to have best man and maid-of-honor take gifts back with them

Day After
-Enjoy the Day-After-Brunch
-Send thank you notes to parents
-Thank attendants
-Return rentals
-Deposit monetary wedding gifts
-Plan to get any stains on wedding attire taken care of by the cleaners

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