Mitzvah Consultation Form


Thanks again for choosing The Music Concierge. Remember fortune favors the well prepared so please fill out our mitzvah consultation form as completely as possible (Feel free to answer N/A for any activities that do not apply to your event.) The information you provide will help us plan every part of your celebration.

Guest of Honor's Name:
Host's Name(s):
Phone Number:
Event Date:
Event Hours:
Number of Guests:
Event Type (ceremony, reception, etc):
Event Director (Name & Phone #):
Venue Name:
Venue Address:
Formal, Semi-Formal or Casual
DJ Attire:
Colors for the day:

Mitzvah Party

Please provide the titles (Mr, Ms or Mrs) and first & last names in the order they are to be introduced.

Grandparents (1)
(1) Brother/Sister:
(2) Brother/Sister:
(3) Brother/Sister:
(4) Brother/Sister:
(5) Brother/Sister:
Guest of Honor (ex. Max or Max Schwartz):

Ceremony & Reception Itinerary

Ceremony Start Time:
Blessing over the wine (If yes, who?):
Blessing over Challah (If yes, who?):
Welcome/Toast (If yes, who?):
Candle Lighting (After Blessings or After Main Course):
Introduction of Ceremony Participants (Yes/No):
Will the cake be wheeled in? (If yes, who?)
Hora Dance (Yes/No):
Chair Raising (Yes/No)
Will centerpieces be given away? (Yes/No):
Reception Theme (if any):
Other entertainment? (ex. impersonators, clowns, artists, etc)
Contact name & phone # of other entertainment:

Candle Lighting Ceremony

The candle lighting ceremony is used to pay special tribute to the important people in the guest of honor's life.

Candle Lighting Start Time:
1st Candle:
2nd Candle:
3rd Candle:
4th Candle:
5th Candle:
6th Candle:
7th Candle:
8th Candle:
9th Candle:
10th Candle:
11th Candle:
12th Candle:
13th Candle:
Good Luck Candle:
Last Dance (Song & Artist):
Special Dances (Please List):

Music Genres

Please tell us which music genres you PREFER that we play at your event.

Alternative (None/ Some/Lots):
Blues (None/ Some/Lots):
Classical (None/ Some/Lots):
Country (None/ Some/Lots):
Electronic Dance Music (None/ Some/Lots):
Hip Hop / Rap (None/ Some/Lots):
Jazz (None/ Some/Lots):
Latin (None/ Some/Lots):
Pop (None/ Some/Lots):
R&B (None/ Some/Lots):
Reggae (None/ Some/Lots):
Religious (None/ Some/Lots):
Rock (None/ Some/Lots):
World (None/ Some/Lots):

Participation Songs

Please tell us your participation song preferences.

Apache (Jump On It) (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Cha Cha Slide (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Chicken Dance (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Cotton-Eyed Joe (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Cupid Shuffle (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Electric Slide (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Harlem Shake (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Hokey Pokey (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Locomotion (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Teach Me How To Dougie (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):
Wobble (Yes/No/If Requested/DJ's Choice):

Do Not Play List

Please tell us any songs and/or artists you DO NOT want us to play during your event.

Do Not Play Song(s) & Artist(s)

Must Play List

Please tell us which songs and/or artists we MUST play during your event.

Must Play Song(s) & Artist(s)

Participation Games

Please tell us your game preference.

Hoola Hoop Contest (Yes/No):
Limbo Contest (Yes/No):
Snowball Dance (Yes/No):
Coke and Pepsi Contest (Yes/No):
Huggy Bear Contest (Yes/No):
Balloon Stomp Contest (Yes/No):
Lip Sync Contest (Yes/No):
Dance Contest (Yes/No):
Musical Chairs (Yes/No):
Musical People (Yes/No):
Freeze Dance Contest (Yes/No):
Party Train (Yes/No):
Toilet Paper Mummy Wrap (Yes/No):


Please tell us about any prizes, props and giveaways that will be provided and any special requests, questions, comments or suggestions.  

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