The Music Concierge provides high energy, state of the art karaoke services for bars & restaurants, corporate events and public & private parties of all kinds. Our experienced karaoke jockeys (KJs) keep the energy flowing by providing suggestions for song selection, singing backups when requested, minimizing dead air and even downloading songs on the spot. Our premiere Ultimate Karaoke  package delivers the ultimate on stage experience with a laser light show, fog machine, shadow dancing, video projection and sound reinforcement.

Some artistic elites may look down on karaoke as a an art form. We see it as a fun way for everyday people to spend time together expressing themselves. Most everyone we know sings along to songs in their shower or car. Singing karaoke is a natural extension of our connection to music that’s not only fun, but can also provide some unexpected benefits (see Forbes “Why Business Schools Should Make Karaoke Mandatory“) for the participants.

Karaoke is fun right? Especially when you feel like you can really sing like a pro. We recommend these online singing lessons to our karaoke guests and the results are impressive. You’re probably not going to wind up sounding like Michael Buble or Christina Aguilera, but you will gain the confidence to stand in front of a crowd and sing at the top of your lungs.




Looking for a deeper dive? Check out my blog post on why you should try karaoke.

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