Robert aka DJ Robert Norman: DJ, Day of Coordinator & Master of Ceremonies

Robert aka DJ Robert Norman: DJ, Master of Ceremonies, Day of Coordinator
Robert aka DJ Robert Norman

Since:  2008

Style: Fun & Easy-Going

My DJ philosophy is: Listening to my clients and playing the kind of music that helps them set whatever mood they’re wanting to create.

What I enjoy most about DJing weddings? Bring joy to a bride and groom and their families by playing music that they know and like. I get a rush from hearing and seeing the guests reaction when I drop that one particular song that sets the dance floor on fire.

What does it take to be a good DJ? Being a good DJ requires being open to feedback from your audience. I don’t mean just playing every request. That can actually be a bad thing. You need to use all of your senses to work out how people are responding to the music.

What makes your DJ performance different, unique or special? The way I deliver the music to people. First and foremost I play songs that will create an outcome that you are seeking. Namely that your guests are having a great time. I beat match and mix between songs seamlessly to create higher energy and keep your guests on the dance floor. My greatest asset is being able to connect with people and keep a dance floor packed.


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