Robert aka DJ Jazznosis: Club-Style Disc Jockey

Club-Style DJ

Since:  2001

Style: Eclectic, Genre-bending, Rhythm heavy

Highlights: Being a club DJ in Chicago years ago and transitioning those skills to my clients in Cincinnati has been very exciting.

My DJ philosophy is: A DJ is as good as his/her collection. And the more eclectic and diverse one’s collection is, the more opportunities are available to get paid for.

What I enjoy most about DJing weddings? Being able to set the mood. From the moment the crowd enters the room, you have the power to set the tone in it. You want to do it right, but you want to avoid the cheesy approach every third DJ does. But the earlier you control the souls the greater the night guarantees you.

What makes your DJ performance different, unique or special? First, a DJ is as good as his/her library. Some DJ’s I meet would go for the top of the line gear but have no collection of wax or CDs. Some DJ’s will have a ton of music files on a hard drive but have no knowledge of the music they spin. Second, skills….meaning more than being a human jukebox pushing buttons. It takes time to master the art of blending, scratching, performing a mashup and patience to develop a good personality and read a good chemistry on the dance floor and during a business meeting. Third, knowing to use different avenues through your skills. I have experience rocking a crowd with a DJ set, performed with various artists on stage and am currently a DJ in a hip-hop band in Chicago. I go out the box. Though I do play it, I don’t limit myself to the top 40 bubble. And even when I play top 40, it’s in a way the crowd has never heard before. Remixing, creative beat dropping mashups, scratching and beat juggling.

What my clients say about me.

Review #1

“Robert is able to handle everything we threw at him from song requests to lighting and was able to respond very quick.”

Review #2

” DJ Jazznosis couldn’t have made our night any better!”

Review #3

“Amazing job by the dj… I’d recommend them to everyone.”

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