Ria aka DJ Mowgli: DJ, Day of Coordinator & Master of Ceremonies

Ria aka DJ Mowgli: DJ & Master of Ceremonies

Since:  1993

Style: Classy, Modern & Upbeat

Hello! I’m DJ Mowgli, a 20-year veteran DJ from Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting back in 1993 from humble small gigs, I started making a name for myself. Within six months, I was getting booked out-of-town regularly. My forté at that time was Jungle / Drum & Bass music, as it was a new genre in music and the sound piqued my interest. In 1995, along with a solid group of friends, I became a promoter for events and as a group, hosted some of the largest raves in the Midwest. We continued to do so under the name ‘Cincinnati Bomb Squad’ or CBS until the 2000’s.

From the remnants of that scene, I continued to DJ & host events but as an “open format” DJ, meaning I pretty much played every type of music and did different types and styles of events. Over the past decade, I’ve played NYC, L.A., Hawai’i, Dubai, & even Bangladesh! I’ve opened up for countless, amazing artists such as Jam Master Jay of RUN DMC, Derrick May (one of the fathers of Techno music), Apocalyptica, Boombox, Dieselboy, Public Enemy, and many more. I’ve had too many residencies to name, ranging from every genre.

Dhani Jones, former NFL football star (Cincinnati Bengals) and TV personality (‘Dhani Tackles the Globe’ & ‘In the Zone w/Dhani Jones’) hand-picked me to be the DJ for his talk show. We traveled around the Midwest to specific sports stadiums and shot on-location as I DJ’ed in between shots and during intro’s/outro’s. You can find the episodes online.

I was just voted by a reader’s poll in a local paper, ‘CityBeat,’ as the #1 DJ in Cincinnati for 2018, an honor that I’ve been blessed to receive 6 years in a row. However, my greatest accomplishment is helping out a local organization called ‘Visionaries & Voices.’ They are artists that help hone creativity with mentally challenged adults, to make art and sell it to sustain their own lives. I regularly DJ their fundraiser events & galas.


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