Josh aka DJ Meosky: DJ, Day of Coordinator & Master of Ceremonies

Josh aka DJ Meosky: DJ, Day of Coordinator & Master of Ceremonies

Since:  2012

Style: Classy, Modern & Upbeat

My DJ philosophy is: My goal at every wedding or party that I’m involved with is to make it the most fun and exciting event that you have ever experienced. I want you to wake up the next day and feel like your wedding or event was well worth your investment. I am able to do this because I do face to face meetings with my clients so I can get to know you personally; your taste in music, who your guests are and exactly what your vision is for your event.

What I enjoy most about DJing weddings? Before I became a professional DJ, I was first and foremost a musician. I’ve always had a passion for entertaining people. You could say that I live for the applause. Nothing is more gratifying to me than seeing the smile, excitement, and joy on a bride and groom’s faces after I’ve done their send-off at the end of the night. Hearing guests say how much fun they had. Getting thank you texts the next day. This is what motivates me to never stop learning and be the best that I can be.

What does it take to be a good DJ? A big part of being a good DJ is not being selfish. As your DJ, I’m responsible for the vibe of your event. Together, we’re creating an atmosphere in the room. A DJ has to know when to be classy and when to turn it up and get the party kicking. That goes for any event or situation, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, club or private party. I can’t just play what I personally want to hear. I have to cater to what my audience is enjoying and be versatile enough to change things up if it isn’t working.

What makes your DJ performance different, unique or special? The way I deliver the music to people. First and foremost I play songs that will create an outcome that you are seeking. Namely that your guests are having a great time. I beat match and mix between songs seamlessly to create higher energy and keep your guests on the dance floor. My greatest asset is being able to connect with people and keep a dance floor packed.

What my clients say about me.

Review #1

Josh was wonderful to work with. He met with us in person twice. We could tell right away that he was passionate about what he does and that he was a good fit for our wedding. He did a scavenger hunt and shoe game that were a big hit with our guests, they were so funny. Then when it came time to dance, he rocked the party. We had such a good time and our friends all really enjoyed our wedding. The best advice I could give is to hire Josh and put full confidence in him because he is very good at what he does.

Review #2

Josh did an OUTSTANDING job with my brother’s wedding! The music for the ceremony was perfectly timed, the music for the cocktail hour was perfect as well and the music for dancing was phenomenal!! I think the best thing about Josh was that he really knew the audience that were on the dance floor. He knew what songs to play to keep the dance floor fun. Once it was mostly friends who were left at the reception he really turned it into a party playing fun, upbeat songs we all knew that had us partying all night! One of the best receptions I have been to and it is pretty much all due to Josh being a top-notch DJ! Highly recommend to anyone planning a wedding or get together. Josh is very professional and most of all FUN!!!! Thanks for making the night memorable.

Review #3

Dj Meosky was such a huge part of our perfect night, he gave great insight into how our guests would react to certain games and music styles, he also helped with the timeline of events such as when would be the best time for speeches, cake cutting and our first dance. He was exceptionally professional and listened to what we wanted and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night.

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