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Designed and engineered for engaged couples and wedding DJs, our Wedding Songs Planner app combines the best of the best in online wedding music planning tools and brings them into the mobile app environment. By providing free and convenient access to professionally curated song lists sorted by genre, decade and wedding event, Wedding Songs Planner makes it fun and easy to discover the perfect songs for the perfect party.

If you’re a bride or groom, this simple, yet powerful app will save you time, effort and energy. The most comprehensive app of its kind, Wedding Songs Planner is packed with beneficial features that help you create, save and share your wedding music playlist. Scroll through 30 plus song lists. Search song categories by title or artist. Add songs to your favorites. Email your favorites to your DJ. Use the convenient iTunes links to preview songs. You can even purchase your favorite songs to create your very own wedding music keepsake to enjoy for years to come.

If you’re a DJ, Wedding Songs Planner provides you with powerful benefits that can make it your go-to wedding app. Build your own list of favorites for every category, genre, and occasion. Create your wedding music catalog using iTunes, the most popular and powerful music library organizer for DJs. Make song suggestions in client meetings. Share the app with your clients. Receive your client’s requests by email. Quickly find the right song to play on the fly.

Wedding Songs Planner grew out of a need for our DJs to be able to access our website’s wedding songs lists on the go,”says William Taylor, owner of The Music Concierge. “These lists are far and away the most popular pages on the site, generating over 1000 unique visits per day. But they’re not always the most convenient way to get what you need. The cool thing about the application is that it works with or without internet access. It’s always available with just the swipe of a finger. It’s also quicker and easier than using a website. Not to mention it has features that aren’t available online. We have a lot of new features we would like to add to the app to make it even more useful. Our goal is to bring wedding music planning into the 21st century. And we’re seeking input from engaged couples, DJs and music lovers about the features they would like to see included so we can prioritize the development based on what users want.”

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