The Art & Science of Owning a DJ Business

William Taylor aka DJ Love MD
William Taylor aka DJ Love MD

Know what you’re good at doing! The art and science of owning a DJ business.

Knowing your strengths, what your good at, and your weaknesses, what your not so good at, is essential in both business and life. Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew only to have to “eat crow” and apologize for letting people you care about down? I know I have and it was a painful lesson learned many years ago. But one that has served me well.

In business I stick to what I’m good at doing. It sounds easy enough, but so often business owners, and their employees will try to go beyond their abilities to deliver on a promise that should never have been made. Almost all of us are guilty of it. At least until we have a heaping helping of humble pie.

Being a great DJ requires technical skill, imagination and the ability to read a crowd. Quite simply DJing is both an art and a science. Being a Master of Ceremony requires a different set of skills, outgoing personality and the ability to speak with ease in front of a large gathering to name a few, nevertheless it can be thought of as both an art and a science. Consulting with and guiding clients through the process of picking and planning their entertainment, perhaps the most rewarding challenge of all, is both an art and science. Doing all three of these well requires a personality that is akin to the alchemists of old.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with gifts in all three of these areas. I know my strengths and I play to them. To be sure, there are areas where I am not as strong. That’s why I make sure the services I offer match my clients vision before we ever sign a contract. I’m more than happy to refer a client to another company when it makes sense to do so. I’d rather “lose” a client to a company that can better meet their needs, than to “win” a client only to let them down in the end. That’s why we say “Do what you know good!” down home.

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