How To Write A Best Man’s Speech

Figuring out how to write a Best Man’s Speech can be a challenge. So much so that some Best Men simply skip it altogether. And of the one’s that choose to write and deliver the speech, many say it’s the most difficult part of being the Best Man. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By following a few common sense guidelines you can take a lot of the stress of writing the Best Man’s Speech away.

  1. You’re the best man! There’s a reason why you were picked to be the Best Man. You probably know the groom better than 99% of the guests. Keep this in mind, especially while you’re delivering the speech. Be yourself and address the bride and groom whenever you’re speaking about them. It’ll help ease any public speaking anxiety.
  2. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple. A thoughtful, sincere and short speech will be appreciated by every one in attendance, especially the groom. Unless you’re particularly creative, keep it under four or five minutes. Practice it several times to make sure it’s clear, concise and clean.
  3. Introduction and thank you’s. Introduce yourself to the guests and tell them how you came to know the bride and groom. Not everyone will know who you are or your specific relationship to the groom. This may present you with the opportunity to inject a little humor into the speech. If there’s a funny, and clean, story about how you met, tell it. Also, make sure to tactfully thank everyone who made the wedding day possible (i.e. parents.) Thank the bridal party. They are honored guests of distinction too. And thank all of the guests for attending the celebration.
  4. Celebrate the groom’s virtues. One of your roles as the Best Man is to serve as the groom’s advocate. This means focusing on positive qualities while avoiding any negatives. This may be yet another opportunity to share a funny or heartfelt story. Whatever you do, don’t mention irresponsible behavior or previous relationships. And never say anything negative about the bride. Instead focus on how much the groom loves his new bride; his loyalty, kindness, generosity, courage, persistence, etc. And how she has enhanced all of the positive parts of his personality. Let them, and all of their family and friends, know just how lucky they are to have found each other.
  5. Propose a toast. You’re job isn’t complete until you’ve wished the bride and groom all the best in their new life together. Speak from the heart, raise your glass and take a well deserved drink.

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MC Introduction

Ladies and gentlemen, a moment’s pause for the best man. As you probably know, it is customary for the best man to reveal rare insights into the make-up of the groom; to share with us the unique traits that make our beloved groom the man he is. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the best man!

Best Man’s Speech

Good afternoon, everyone! For those who do not know me, I am the best man. My name is Dave, but if you see me at the bar later, I prefer to be called by my full name, Dave This-drink’s-on-me.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve had the good fortune to meet many of you, and have come to regard you as people I… have met. Truth is I don’t know most of you, and having to give a speech in front of you has made me the second most nervous person in this room – the most nervous person being, of course, the woman who had to marry Sebastien today.
Weddings are a terrible place to get to know someone,and this speech probably isn’t to help matters any, so I will try to keep it short.
As best man, I am tasked with giving guidance to my friend to assist him with married life. For a change, this is something I feel singularly prepared for, having been married 10 years myself, and more importantly, a good 6 years of practice raising young boys who don’t listen. Since I know he has an amazing, even mutant ability to forget good advice, I have made a simple list highlighting the important things.
**  I’m sure you’ve heard that communication is the key to the success of your marriage, and that is very true. Part of communicating is listening, not only to what your spouse is saying, but also the words coming out of your own mouth, because you will often find these words are wrong. Sometimes, listening means shutting up and agreeing.
**Contrary to popular wisdom, Nicole will not always be right about everything. However, it’s not usually wise to point this out. Remember, it’s easier to be wrong in your own bed than right on the couch.
**Speaking of beds, another popular bit of advice you’ve no doubt heard is “never go to bed angry”. I disagree – better to go to bed angry than stay up all night fighting. After all, you’ll need to be well rested if you are going to win the fight the next day.
**Now that you face life’s troubles as a couple, it’s much easier to share the weight of each other’s burdens. An easy way to accomplish this is to split your duties thus: you make all the important decisions, and let Nicole make all the unimportant ones. This way, for as long as you married, you won’t have a single important decision to make.
**Finally, some serious advice for both of you: be sparing with your criticism, and generous with your compliments. Laugh as much as possible, especially at yourself. And when one of you screws something up, remember that scorn takes up more room in the heart than forgiveness.
Before I close, I would like to extend a little gratitude. First of all, I would like to thank you for laughing at or putting up with my jokes. I’d like to thank the parents off the happy couple for the most important job of all: raising them well. Thanks to the groomsmen for allowing me to be best man with minimal bloodshed. A special thanks to the bridesmaids for a job well done getting Nicole to church – I hear she put up a helluva fight. My personal thanks to the bride, for all the times she’s loaned me her husband to me so I could have a drinking buddy, especially today. And finally my thanks to Sebastien – it was an honor to be your best man today; you are more like a brother to me than a friend.
A toast! To my friends Sebastien and Nicole: May each day of your marriage be better than your last one, so you can look back on today and honestly say, “That was the worst day of our lives. “