Flobots Coming To The Southgate House Revival

Flobots: Winning Hearts & Minds

Attempting to change the world through song is audacious. It will always be a lofty goal; an ideal worthy of our respect and admiration. In an era filled with self absorbed pop stars, it’s even more so. Flobots, the alternative hip hop group from Denver Colorado, carries on a tradition of challenging perceptions and inspiring activism for which hip hop was once known.

Much can be said about the commercialization of music in general and hip hop in particular. Overtly sexual, often sexist lyrics, and an incessant focus on materialism have driven many mature musical lovers away from the art form of rap. In the battle for political and social consciousness, Flobots are metaphorical boots on the ground winning over hearts and minds one fan at a time. From its initial self released debut, through its major label signing and its return to independent status, the group has managed to maintain its artistic integrity while coming of age against a backdrop of war and worldwide social unrest. Read more