Chris aka DJ iShine

Christopher aka DJ iShin

Disc Jockey, Day of Coordinator & Master of  Ceremonies Since: 2007 Style: Entertaining, Adaptable, Fun Highlights: I've had the pleasure of providing DJ service throughout the Greater Cincinnati area and the Midwest, including Louisville and Chicago. My past clients include the Marvin Lewis Foundation, Cincinnati Cyclones (street clinics) and a number of high schools and middle schools in Greater Cincinnati. My DJ philosophy is: I consider DJ-ing one of my overall purposes in life. I love to entertain people through my skillset and I enjoy working on very cool events with people. From weddings to school dances to other special events, my goal is to ensure that you have 100% no worries about your DJ and I push to secure your trust in me as your artist for the night. What I enjoy most about DJing weddings? When I DJ weddings, I like seeing people happy. It is an honor that they chose me to contribute to their special day. I take these events very seriously because I've been through it too. Planning a wedding isn't easy and coordination and communication are essential. What does it take to be a good DJ? Great customer service, a very diverse palette of music, patience with technology and overall interest in learning more on how to be a better DJ. What makes your DJ performance different, unique or special? When I play music, I aim to create a mix that keeps going and doesn't stop unless someone needs me to make an announcement. I feel the crowd's energy and I act accordingly on the mic because of it. I don't overdo it on the mic and I don't just play a 

playlist of music off iTunes. 

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