Soundcheck 10-23-14

Love local music? Tune in to WNKU 89.7 every Thursday night at 10pm. Better yet, subscribe to & download the show. After a couple of weeks of me behind the mic, we’re back in good hands with the one and only Venomous Valdez back at the helm.

Tonight’s playlist includes:
Daniel In Stereo “Son Be Careful”
Eden Park Band “Gone”
Little Lights “Parade”
Skeleton Hands “Gone”
The Yugos “Follow You”
Anderson Ferry Band “Lifeguard”
Automagik “Fashion Police”
Buffalo Killlers “Grow Your Own”
Black Owls “Gasoline”
Under New Order “I’m Ready”
The Sweep “Aqua Man”
The Tillers “Shanty Boat”
Buffalo Wabs & Price Hill Hustle “Long John Blues”
Animal Circles “Life on the Banzai Pipeline”