TMC’s new Wedding Songs Planner app makes planning, saving and sharing wedding playlists easy, fun and free!

Cincinnati, OH – October 21st, 2015 – The Music Concierge is pleased to announce the launch of its new Wedding Songs Planner App in Apple’s App Store. Designed and engineered for engaged couples and wedding DJs, Wedding Songs Planner combines the best of the best in online wedding music planning tools and brings them into the mobile app environment. By providing free and convenient access to professionally curated song lists sorted by genre, decade and wedding event, Wedding Songs Planner makes it fun and easy to discover the perfect songs for the perfect party.

If you’re a bride or groom, this simple, yet powerful app will save you time, effort and energy. The most comprehensive app of its kind, Wedding Songs Planner is packed with beneficial features that help you create, save and share your wedding music playlist. Scroll through 30 plus song lists. Search song categories by title or artist. Add songs to your favorites. Email your favorites to your DJ. Use the convenient iTunes links to preview songs. You can even purchase your favorite songs to create your very own wedding music keepsake to enjoy for years to come.

If you’re a DJ, Wedding Songs Planner provides you with powerful benefits that can make it your go to wedding app. Build your own list of favorites for every category, genre and occasion. Create your wedding music catalog using iTunes, the most popular and powerful music library organizer for DJs. Make song suggestions in client meetings. Share the app with your clients. Receive your client’s requests by email. Quickly find the right song to play on the fly.

“Wedding Songs Planner grew out of a need for our DJs to be able to access our website’s wedding songs lists on the go,”says William Taylor, owner of The Music Concierge. “These lists are far and away the most popular pages on the site, generating over 1000 unique visits per day. But they’re not always the most convenient way to get what you need. The cool thing about the application is that it works with or without internet access. It’s always available with just the swipe of a finger. It’s also quicker and easier than using a website. Not to mention it has features that aren’t available online. We have a lot of new features we would like to add to the app to make it even more useful. Our goal is to bring wedding music planning into the 21st century. And we’re seeking input from engaged couples, DJs and music lovers about the features they would like to see included so we can prioritize the development based on what users want.”


The Music Concierge is a boutique entertainment company serving the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. While the main focus of the company has been, and continues to be, providing mobile DJ services for weddings, parties and corporate events, The Music Concierge has grown to include photo booth services, event photography services and mobile apps for couples and DJs.

Download Wedding Songs Planner (

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us over at The Music Concierge. Along with a few corporate events, I also got to celebrate my birthday by filling in for the one and only Venomous Valdez a couple of weeks back. Speaking of Venomous, she’s back this week with a bunch of new tunes. Join her as she spins all locals on Soundcheck tonight at 10pm on 89.7 WNKU. As usual, this week’s show is packed with music from bands you can see play this weekend.

Tonight’s playlist includes:

Boy Meets World “Where The Hell Is Douglas?”

Lonesome Jared “Broken Hearts & Dirty Dishes”

Jetlab “Please”

The Ready Stance “Little Carmel”

Frontier Folk Nebraska “Buffalo Summer”

The Civics “I Miss You”

The Scrubs “Return to the Basement”

New Strange “Fractures”

Room For Zero “Come On, Come On”

Over The Rhine “Trouble”

Pike 27 “Far Away From Everything”

Ohio Knife “No Clear God”

The Saudades “Staring At Each Other”

Public “Pretty Face”

Mr Brown Mysterious Sounds “Casino Blues”


Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day for spending time with loved ones, family and friends. And there are few things better than bonding over music. Join Venomous Valdez  as she spins all locals on Soundcheck tonight at 10pm on 89.7 WNKU. It’s a busy weekend for local bands and venues. And this week’s show is packed with music from bands you can see play this weekend. Soundcheck Playlist 11-27-14

Tonight’s playlist includes:

Frontier Folk Nebraska “Buffalo Summer”

Wussy “Teenage Wasteland”

The Yugos “Follow You”

Tonefarmer “Weeds”

Salty Candy “Baby’s Gone”

The Tillers “Shanty Boat”

The Whiskey Shambles “The Whole Side of Town”

JetLab “Please”

Honey Spiders “New Blooms”

My Brother The Bear “I Still Have You”

David Faul Band “Flat On My Face”

A to Omega “Knee Deep (In The Past)”

Austin Livingood “City of Seven Hills”


It’s that time of the week again! Get your local music fix with Venomous Valdez and DJ Love MD as we spin all locals on Soundcheck tonight on 89.7 WNKU. The show starts in less than an hour so finish up your weekly soap operas and tune in. Soundcheck 11-20-14

Tonight’s playlist includes:

Automagik “Fashion Police”

Lemon Sky “When I’m Gone”

Near Earth Objects “My Mind”

Fluffer “Crusader”

Chad William Stamper “Alive”

Kyle English “White Horses”

Hickory Robot “The Devil’s Den”

The Tillers “Old Lady and The Devil”

Shiny and The Spoon “Box of Bullets”

Red Light Optional “About You”

The Hiders “First Real Blues”

Pluto Revolts “Closure”

Greenhornes “Saying Goodbye”


It’s that time of the week again! Get your local music fix with Venomous Valdez and DJ Love MD as we spin all locals on Soundcheck tonight on 89.7 WNKU. Soundcheck 11-13-14

Tonight’s playlist includes:

Lemon Sky “When I’m Gone”

The Killtones “Black Moon Heartache”

Buffalo Wabs and The Price Hill Hustle “Lonesome Valley”

The Hiders “First Real Blues”

Howard Brothers Band “Catch The Party Train”

Whiskey Shambles “In My Soul Under My Skin”

Heavy Hinges “Wait Around”

Founding Fathers “Stop Drop and Roll”

The Jericho Harlot “1869”

Strange Creature “Pacified”

Lonesome Jared “Broken Hearts & Dirty Dishes”

500 Miles To Memphis “Bethel, OH”

Jake Speed and The Freddies “Devil In My Backyard”

William Taylor aka DJ Love MD

William Taylor aka DJ Love MD


Love local music? Tune in to WNKU 89.7 every Thursday night at 10pm. Better yet, subscribe to & download the show. After a couple of weeks of me behind the mic, we’re back in good hands with the one and only Venomous Valdez back at the helm.

Tonight’s playlist includes:
Daniel In Stereo “Son Be Careful”
Eden Park Band “Gone”
Little Lights “Parade”
Skeleton Hands “Gone”
The Yugos “Follow You”
Anderson Ferry Band “Lifeguard”
Automagik “Fashion Police”
Buffalo Killlers “Grow Your Own”
Black Owls “Gasoline”
Under New Order “I’m Ready”
The Sweep “Aqua Man”
The Tillers “Shanty Boat”
Buffalo Wabs & Price Hill Hustle “Long John Blues”
Animal Circles “Life on the Banzai Pipeline”


Love local music? Tune in to WNKU 89.7 every Thursday night at 10pm. Better yet, subscribe to & download the show. Tonight’s playlist includes “Teenage Wasteland” Wussy, “Algiers” by The Afghan Whigs, “New Blooms” by Honey Spiders, “Hornet In A Beehive” by Cougar Ace, “Doom and Gloom” by Pop Goes The Evil, “Sect” by Umin, “Pretty Face” by Public, “Be Aggressive” by State Song, ” Shanty Boat” by The Tillers, “Androgynetics” by Us, Today, “Bus Stop” Young Heirlooms, “Catch The Party Train” by Howard Brothers Band



Love local music? Tune in to WNKU 89.7 every Thursday night at 10pm. Better yet, subscribe to & download the show.

Tonight’s playlist includes “Gasoline” by #BlackOwls, “Shoot The Lights Out” by Whiskey Shambles, “Buffalo Summer” by Frontier Folk Nebraska, “Casino” by Mr Brown Mysterious Sounds, “Pacified” by Stange Creature, “Not All Right Together” by #MarkUtley & #Bulletville, “Shore” by # RoyalHolland, “Fashion Police” by #AutoMagik, “Black Moon Heartache” by #TheKilltones, “Dance Star Maniac” by #TheDarkhearts, “Wait Around” by # HeavyHinges, “Olive Tin” by #Darlene, “Gold In My Hand” by #ElkCreek, “Water & Wood” by #EvaRoss, & “Comeback Kid” by # TerminalUnion.

Enjoy the show!


Mother and Son Go All In On Wedding Dance Mashup

If Father – Daughter wedding dances make you cry and Mother – Son wedding dances make you smile, you may just be grinning from ear to ear when you watch this epic mother son wedding dance mashup. The groom and his mother managed to surprise everyone, including the bride, with their mother son mashup medley. From Johnny Otis’ “Willie and the Handjive” and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” to We Are Toonz’ “Drop That #Naenae”, the pair went “all in” on a 10 song mashup of epic proportions.


Track List

Song Artist Genre iTunes
Landslide Fleetwood Mac Soft Rock Kelly Clarkson - Thankful - A Moment Like This
Billie Jean Michael Jackson R&B Janet Jackson - All for You - All for You
Thiller  Michael Jackson R&B Lonestar - Lonely Grill - Amazed
Willie and the Hand Jive Johnny Otis Oldies Lonestar - Lonely Grill - Amazed
Drop That #Naenae  We Are Toonz Hip Hop Shaggy & Rayvon - Hot Shot - Angel
Twist Chubby Checker Oldies JET - Get Born - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Gangnam Style Psy Pop Brian McKnight - Back at One - Back at One
Apache (Jump On It) The Sugarhill Gang Hip Hop U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind - Beautiful Day
Crank That Soulja Boy Hip Hop Kelly Clarkson - Thankful - A Moment Like This
Bye Bye Bye NSYNC Pop Kelly Clarkson - Thankful - A Moment Like This




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The Estate of Michael Jackson has teamed up with Epic Records to release XSCAPE, a new album of previously unreleased material. XSCAPE is a collection of eight “new” songs with the Deluxe Edition featuring the original song recordings. The first single is the Michael Jackson – Justin Timberlake duet Love Never Felt So Good. 

“The album is produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson’s essence and integrity. It’s a process Reid calls “contemporizing.” The list of producers include global hitmakers Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, and John McClain.”

Order Love Never Felt So Good on iTunes.

Pre-order XSCAPE on iTunes.


 Love Never Felt So Good